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Our party packages are easy and affordable ways to make your event memorable. You can bring your own extras or ask us to provide them making your event planning even easier.


General Parties

Book within the General Party Package for any non-birthday parties you have in mind. Bachelorette, Graduation, Scout Troops, Retirement, family gathering parties, Baby showers, Staff retreats, even holiday parties are all available through us.

Birthday Parties

Make your child's birthday party one that everyone will remember

We offer 3 birthday packages


A super-thrifty Basic Birthday Party that lets everyone get creative with their choice from our Basic Collection


Another choice is the Select Birthday Party that offers a bisque selection that is very popular with kids we call the Select Collection


For those with older guests of honor try our Premium Birthday Party with, you guessed it, the Premium Collection to choose from - ideal for those tweens and teens who might like a more challenging piece