How It Works: in 3 easy steps!

Step 1. Select Your Piece

Select from a wide variety of molded or hand-thrown bisque in every size and shape imaginable. Not sure what bisque is? Click here! Need some help with designing? Our team will help you with ideas and answer questions.

Step 2. Design & Glaze

Have a design in mind? We have a wide variety of colors to choose from. If you need help making color choices or with design ideas, we're always just a step away. 

We'll provide all of the tools you need and guide you along the way. Brushes? Sponges? Stencils? We know every trick in the book and before long - you will too!

Step 3. We Fire Your Piece

  • We will apply a final clear glaze over your piece once it is dry
  • We will carefully place your piece in one of our kilns
  • We will fire it for several hours (wow it's hot in there!)
  • We will wait for it to cool slowly...
  • We will prepare it for you to pick up


Come In & Pick It Up

Most items can be picked up one week after your visit. 

By the way, we are happy to ship your item if you are just visiting Muncie!